Alkohol och drogpolicy

Abuse of drugs (alcohol, tablets and drugs) is one of society’s biggest and, at the same time, most difficult to handle problems. Many people today are dependent on drugs. Since a person who abuses drugs not only harms himself but also their environment, substance abuse problems are a work environment issue and should be dealt with as such.

At Axelsson’s Tourist Traffic, alcohol and drugs are in no way permitted in connection with service


  • to prevent people from being forced out of working life due to abuse problems
  • that everyone at Axelsson’s Tourist Traffic is alcohol and drug free
  • to improve the information and knowledge of substance abuse issues
  • increased transparency on the subject


  • All employees must know the contents of Axelsson’s Tourist Traffic alcohol and drug policy.
  • our staff undergoes an annual health check at Livum where doctors see it have been over-consumption of drug / alcohol.
  • Alco locks are continuously installed in our buses.
  • anyone who observes or suspects that a colleague is having substance abuse problemsnotify the traffic management / CEO.
  • The CEO is responsible for ensuring that an employee’s substance abuse problem becomes aware of and
    early-stage support measures.
  • traffic management / CEO fulfills the information and education available on the subject.

Support staff at workplace

  • Traffic management
  • Co-workers
  • CEO

Support persons outside the workplace

  • AA – Alcoholics Anonymous