Security Policy

At Axelssons Turisttrafik AB, we work to secure our job safely. The ambition is to be an example in traffic. Passengers, customers and co-drivers must perceive us as a serious and safe transport company.
When we are certified for education according to the Transport Agency’s vocational qualifications (YKB), we always try to be at the forefront when it comes to traffic safety issues. Our goal is a 0 vision in terms of personal and vehicle damage.

This is achieved by:

  • Follow current driving and rest rules.
  • Follow other laws, traffic rules and regulations.
  • Carry the vehicles in such a way that we are perceived as examples in traffic.
  • No driver may be affected by alcohol or other drugs when driving vehicles. In case of suspicion of alcohol or drug influence, the driver is immediately taken out of service and Polis is called to the place of control. Detection of iniquity or drug influence can lead to dismissal. In the event of a need for rehabilitation, the company contacts the associated health center and the relevant employee association for the treatment of the rehabilitation plan.
  • Run risk consciously and adjust speed to prevailing road conditions and traffic situation.
  • Respect the driver’s assessment of current road conditions and traffic situation. If the situation requires a reduction in speed, this must always be respected by traffic management and other employees. No driver must feel time-pressured – a delay due to the above must always be considered necessary.
  • Vehicles must be in a safe condition.
  • Drivers must inform passengers about belt use, escape routes and safety equipment at each transport.
  • Every vehicle purchase strives for good safety and environmental properties.
  • Each driver undergoes road safety training including slipping, first aid and fire drills.
  • Immediately report accidents and incidents according to established routines.
  • Limit the use of mobile phone. Drivers should not use mobile phones other than service-related calls when driving vehicles and then using hands-free services provided by the company.

Our buses are also equipped with

  • 4 – 6 window hammers for quick evacuation
  • The 3-point belts in 19 of the buses and the 2-point belts in the rest
  • Fire extinguisher in all buses
  • Spikedecks on all school buses during the winter season
  • Roll over Bar, i.e. roll-over protection in the form of beam reinforcements in the body
  • Fully automatic fire extinguishing equipment in all buses with the engine at the rear
  • Alcolock
  • Information brochure “Safety on board” at each pair of chairs.
  • We start all longer trips by showing the video “Safety on board” in the bus
  • For shorter trips, the driver informs orally about evacuation

Our staff is regularly trained in

  • Heart and lung rescue
  • Eco-driving
  • First aid Fire

In addition, our staff undergoes regular health checks. For staff over 50, the checks are carried out every two years and for staff over 50, every year.
Everyone at Axelssons Turisttrafik AB is allowed to access our security policy.