ISO 45001

Work Environment Policy

Axelssons Turisttrafik AB is committed to ensuring that the working environment is so safe that the vision of zero fatalities, injuries, or illnesses resulting from work is achieved. Axelssons Turisttrafik AB does not tolerate any form of harassment, including bullying. Axelssons Turisttrafik works to prevent ill-health and accidents by:


  • Investigating risks to health and accidents, for example, through employee surveys and risk analysis, and taking measures against identified risks.
  • Preventing traffic accidents by monitoring driving and rest times via Idha-online.
  • Providing employees with opportunities for variety in their work, social contact, and collaboration with other colleagues within the company, such as coffee breaks, workplace meetings, and employee activities.
  • Offering employees opportunities for personal and professional development, such as training through Bivabskolan, Omnibusskolan, or other educational institutions.
  • Countering stress by planning and structuring work, measured through employee surveys.
  • Combating harassment through clear leadership, well-defined procedures, and concrete policies.
  • Investigating and addressing any incidents of harassment if they occur in the workplace. Measures should be taken, such as conducting an independent investigation into bullying through a neutral party.