Do you have tickets for the concert? Take the bus to the arena, it’s affordable, fun, and convenient!

Have you booked a concert ticket?

It’s great that we have so many large arenas just 1 hour away from home! But getting to and from the arena isn’t always easy and not always cheap.

Many years ago, we saw a need for transportation to and from major events and concerts around Västerås, especially to Stockholm. Taking a car or train is both expensive and not very practical. The schedules are not always convenient, and you usually don’t arrive directly at the event venue. That’s when we started offering trips directly to the events! It’s easy, convenient, and affordable!

Book your trip through our online store.

Through our online store, you can easily book and pay for your trip directly from the internet.

Do you want to know more or have any questions?

We are happy to answer your questions. Call us, and we can assist you with your specific inquiry!