Privacy Policy

This information text explains how Axelssons Turisttrafik AB (“Axelssons”) handles your personal data and what rights you have. The information is for you as

  • Are our customers – when you buy tickets, travel with us or request a quote
  • Purchase trips via our online store.
  • Visit our website or our platforms on social media or connect to any of our Wi-Fi
  • Participates in our marketing activities or customer surveys
  • In other ways communicate with us, eg via our customer service

Your integrity is important to us. We are therefore concerned that the personal data collected about you is stored and handled in a safe and secure manner, and in accordance with the data protection legislation.
We encourage you to read the information carefully. If you have any questions about how your personal information is handled, you are welcome to contact us. Our contact details are at the end of this information text.


Personal information is any information that can be linked directly or indirectly (ie together with other information) to you, eg name, picture, social security number, IP address, and travel and purchases history.

In this section, we explain how your personal information is used to enable us to provide you with relevant experiences, services, and offers.

3.1 When you buy tickets, travel with us or send in a quote request

When you buy tickets, travel with us or send in a quotation request, we handle the following information that you submit to us yourself:

  • Your name and your contact details
  • Your social security number, eg when you buy a trip from our online store
  • Information about your trip and travel and purchase history, eg departure time, price, destination
  • Information on the need for escorting or wheelchair space during the journey, when such information is needed
  • Payment and payment history details
  • Your email address

We manage your personal information to:

  • Identify yourself as a traveler, for example at ticket control
  • Pay for the trip, the additional service or catering including managing card payments
  • To detect and prevent fraud in connection with card payment
  • Manage and deliver what you have purchased in accordance with our purchase and travel conditions, eg by providing your trip or the product you have purchased
  • Notify you (via e-mail or similar electronic communication) of changes in the journey, eg in the event of delays or changes in departure times
  • Promote our services and products, eg via e-mail
  • Create statistics on the purchase of travel and goods, in order to improve our services
  • The legal basis for handling: We handle your personal data with support in the performance of contracts when we provide the trip and/or product, with the support of balancing interests when we have a
  • legitimate interest to use your data for statistics and to market our services, ensure payment and prevent fraud, and with support in a legal obligation to manage opt-out settings, escort, and wheelchair space.

Shelf life: We will save you information about you up until after the journey, including as a basis for any complaints.

3.2 Compensation for a delay and other compensation claims

When you advertise your trip by applying for compensation in case of delay or contacting us with other compensation claims, we will handle:

  • Information that you provide to us yourself, eg name (and name of fellow travelers) contact information, payment information, account details, case history
  • Your social security number, for example when you apply for late payment
  • Details of the basis for your claim
  • Documents that you attach to your case, eg receipts or medical certificates

We manage your personal information to:

  • Manage and assess your claim claims
  • To detect and prevent fraud in connection with claim claims
  • Get statistics on your cases in order to improve our services
  • Legal basis for handling: We handle your personal data with support in legal obligation when we process your application for compensation in case of delay and handle your case regarding personal
  • injury, fulfillment of contract when we handle other complaints regarding the trip and/or the product, and with the support of balance of interests when we have a legitimate interest in improving our
  • services and detecting and preventing fraud.

Storage time: To ensure traceability, we save your personal data for up to 36 months after the matter has been closed. If compensation has been paid in the case, we save the data for 7 years in accordance with the Accounting Act. Personal injury cases are saved until the case is time-barred and annuity cases are lifelong in order for us to be able to re-examine the case.

3.3 You who have a login account

When you have a login account we handle, in addition to what is described in paragraphs 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 above, also:

  • Information about your login account, eg username and password
  • Information about your travel and purchase history or how you otherwise use our services or our digital channels, eg information about your latest logins

The personal data is managed to:

  • Manage your login account and make it easier for you in future travel purchases
  • Contact you with information and general offers, for example via e-mail and SMS
  • Create statistics and conduct analyzes for the purpose of improving our services, goods and offers, including long-term analysis to capture trends over time
  • Providing, maintaining, testing, improving and developing the digital services and the technical platform used to provide them
  • Ensure the security of our services, to detect or prevent various types of illegal use or use that otherwise violate the terms
  • Legal basis for handling: We handle your personal data with support in the performance of agreements when we provide the service and with the support of balancing interests when we and you have a legitimate interest to facilitate booking of future trips and use your information on travel and purchases to produce statistics and to develop, improve and secure the security of our services.

Storage Time: We save your login information as long as you actively use your login account (up to 6 months after the last use.

Your travel and purchase history is saved for up to 7 years for our legitimate interest in analyzing trends over time.

3.4 When you communicate with us

You can choose to communicate with Axelsson in many different ways, eg. via social media, calls, and mail with our customer service.

When you communicate with us, we handle information that you provide to us for example:

  • Name and contact details
  • Information about your point of view, question or case

We manage your personal information to:

  • Answer questions and manage your case, eg remedying errors, handling complaints and questions about lost property
  • Deliver ordered information, eg annual and sustainability report
  • Improve our services and the information we provide and publish through our website
  • Analyze calls in order to improve our service

A legal basis for handling: We handle your personal data for our and your legitimate interest in handling your case (balancing of interests).

Storage time: We save your personal data for up to 12 months after the case has been completed to ensure traceability in your communication with us.


3.5 When we have an obligation by law

In addition to what is described in the above paragraphs, in some cases we handle your personal data when we are guilty by law, eg due to our accounting obligation, obligations arising from traffic law, or at the request of the authority.

Legal basis: When we handle your personal data because we are guilty by law, we do so with the support of a legal obligation.

Your personal data is only stored for as long as it is required to fulfill the purposes of the processing, or as long as we have to store them according to law. Then your information is deleted or unidentified in a safe way so that they can no longer be connected to you. Read more about how long we save your data above under each section in chapter 3.


Axelsson never sells your information to a third party. However, we may disclose your personal data to the following categories of recipients:

Suppliers, both within and outside the EU / EEA, which, for example, provide IT services, handle customer service cases or perform payment services and credit reports for Axelsson’s behalf.
Travel operators performing part of your booked trip
Travel operators who are not part of your original journey to be able to handle continued travel during traffic disruption
Your bank when you legitimize yourself with the Bank ID, pay by card or with Klarna
Other recipients when it comes to legal requirements, other statutes or government decisions
Recipients who handle personal data for Axelsson’s account must always enter into a so-called personal data assistance agreement with us in order to ensure that your information is handled in a correct and safe manner. If we use suppliers that handle your personal data on our behalf outside the EU / EEA, we take special safeguards, for example, sign agreements that include the standardized model clauses for data transmission adopted by the European Commission and which are available on the EU Commission’s website.

When your personal information is shared with a recipient who is independently responsible for personal data, eg an authority or a bank, the recipient’s privacy policy and information on personal data management applications.


Your integrity is important to us and therefore we focus on security. We take measures to protect your data in accordance with the data protection regulation and established guidelines for information security. This means that we have routines and rules regarding data protection, for example that we send your information in a secure manner and ensure that the staff only have access to the information they need to perform their work. We also log events in our IT systems and archive data without searchability when your personal data must be stored for a longer period (eg according to the Accounting Act).

When you visit our website, we can also collect information and information about you by using so-called cookies.

You have certain rights under data protection law. If you want to use any of your rights, you can contact us via the contact details in the next section.

Access to your personal data – you have the right to receive confirmation of whether we process your personal data and an extract of what information is being processed
Request Correction – You have the right to receive incorrect information corrected
Request to be deleted – you have the right, under certain circumstances, to have your information removed
Oppose treatment that relies on our legitimate interest and against treatment for direct marketing – you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data or that the treatment is limited
The right to data portability – you have the right to demand that personal data be transferred from us to another company, authority or organization. This right is limited to information that you have provided yourself.
To learn more about data protection law and your rights, read more here

If you consider that our processing of your personal data does not take place in accordance with the data protection legislation, please contact us, see the contact information section below. You also have the right to complain to the Data Inspectorate who is the supervisory authority.

Axelsson’s may use your e-mail address for direct marketing. If you do not want us to use your e-mail address or mobile number for direct marketing, you are welcome to contact us and we will introduce a so-called advertising lock for your information.

If so, please contact us as follows:

Notification of advertising blocking for companies is made to Do not forget to state your name, address and personal / organizational number.
Application for advertising lock for other customers is made to Don’t forget to state your name, address and personal ID number.

Axelssons Turisttrafik AB (org. No. 556414-8467) is the personal data manager for the management of your personal data. If you would like further information on how your personal data is handled, please contact us through a written, self-signed request sent to:

Axelssons Turisttrafik AB
Bastborregatan 5
721 34 Västerås

In the letter we want you to state your name, address, e-mail, telephone number and personal number in addition to your case. Also attach a copy of your ID. Answers will be sent to your registered address.

This information text was updated no later than May 2, 2018 and may be changed. If we make significant changes to the text, we will notify you no later than 30 days before the change comes into effect by e-mail, sms, through the service, or by publishing a new version on our website.