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Make sure to use your time, start the conference already in the bus!

Start the conference already in the bus to maximize the time in place. We have conference buses furnished with conference seating, WC, mick, DVD, larger screens, WiFi etc.
We help you with the planning of the entire journey from start to finish.
Everything so that you can focus on the meeting.
Contact us and we will help you!

We depart from Västerås and Stockholm and arrange bus trips to conferences all over the Nordic countries, no matter what size of group or type of conference you plan, it is often more advantageous and above all environmentally climate-smart to go by bus than several passenger cars. You share the trip together and reach your destination comfortably and safely.

We offer buses for all conference groups in eg. Västerås, Stockholm, Enköping, Eskilstuna, Örebro and Uppsala. We are flexible and the service spirit is something that permeates our business.

Please contact us and we will help you arrange the perfect conference trip by bus - below is a form where you can submit a free booking request.

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